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We Stand with the People of Ukraine

Mar 10, 2022 12:00AM ● By Commentary by Betsy Mahan

Max Semenenko

SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - Sacramento has one of the largest Ukrainian immigrant populations in the USA, and they are stepping up to help the besieged, freedom-loving people of Ukraine push back against Putin’s aggressions.

While President Trump was our leader, Russia was in check. During the Bush and Obama Administrations, Putin successfully restored control over parts of the former Soviet Union, and now he’s back on the battlefield because of Biden’s weakness.

While Putin was able to ignore any consequences of crossing Biden, he underestimated the resolve of the Ukrainian people to remain independent of Russia. Their bravery and patriotism has been admirable and worthy of our respect and assistance.

One Sacramento resident who has a personal stake in the Ukraine’s survival is local businessman and candidate for Congress Max Semenenko. With family under siege in his former country, Max is stepping up to inform Sacramentans on the circumstances that led to this invasion, and how to help the people of Ukraine persevere.

Below are Max Semenenko’s observations:

Vladimir Putin has shattered European security and is threatening nuclear war against any country that stands in his way. Putin’s war against innocent Ukrainians is criminal and an attack on the fundamental principles of sovereignty and self-determination that underpin global security. NATO and the west have no choice but to recognize what’s unfolding in Europe. The world must stop Vladimir Putin.

I was born in Ukraine, and I understand why Ukrainians want to join NATO: Peace, security, freedom. Ukraine declared independence in 1991, when the communist Supreme Soviet of Ukraine proclaimed that Ukraine would no longer follow the laws of USSR. What the people of Ukraine didn’t do in 1991 was ask to remain a part of a Soviet Union. Nor did they want to continue living under Russian laws.

Putin claims Russians in Ukraine are estranged from their homeland, are under attack, and that Russia is coming to their defense. In 2014, Putin began issuing Russian passports to ethnic Russians in Crimea and areas in eastern Ukraine. Crimea was invaded and annexed to Russia soon after. Putin has since continued his asymmetrical form of cultural warfare in eastern Ukraine while arming and directing “Russian rebels” to fight a war of “independence” against Kiev. 

I support heavy sanctions on Russia and engaging our allies to ban Russia from international banking and financial markets. The USA must step up aid for Ukraine’s resistance, and when Vladimir Putin threatens nuclear retaliation, President Biden and our NATO allies must communicate our resolve to halt Russian aggression in equally strong terms.

This new reality demands a new posturing and resurgence of NATO forces into eastern Europe. We must immediately demonstrate by our actions that the United States and NATO will fight back and reverse any further Russian aggression.

The USA and our allies have blindly tolerated dependence on Russian energy supplies, in effect financing their wars. It’s not too late to return the United States to its status as an energy independent nation, and as a Member of Congress that will be one of my priorities.

I am personally supporting and working with Revived Soldiers Ukraine, a non-profit that is providing aid to Ukrainian families and healthcare to wounded soldiers. You can join me and donate at

Please pray for peace - for the United States, our soldiers, and our leaders. Pray for the safety of our friends and allies facing the enemy, Ukrainian leaders, families, and those on the frontlines.”

Sacramento voters should contact their Member of Congress and demand that the USA return to energy independence and stop funding Russian aggression. Contact information is available at

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