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Sacramento County Recommended Budget Approved

Jun 15, 2022 12:00AM ● By By Kim Nava, Sacramento County

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA (MPG) - The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on June 9 to approve the $7.3 billion recommended budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-23.

“Sacramento County’s FY 2022-23 budget works to address many of the needs of our community and includes additional investments in programs and services related to homelessness, mental health, substance abuse and social services for some of the most vulnerable people among us, while maintaining vital and essential existing services,” said District Five Supervisor and Board Chair Don Nottoli.

The $7.3 billion budget consists of $2.8 billion in Enterprise and Special Revenue Fund appropriations (utility rates, fees and other dedicated revenue), $3.5 billion in General Fund appropriations ($936 million in discretionary resources, $1.1 billion in restricted funds, and the remaining $1.4 billion with Federal, State and fee revenue dedicated to specific purposes), and $1.1 billion in Restricted Funds.

“This approved budget reflects substantial investments in new and enhanced programs based on the Board’s priorities and a survey of Sacramento residents,” said County Executive Ann Edwards. “In addition to increased funding addressing homelessness, social services and improving the condition of County roads, we were able to set aside more money in the County’s ‘rainy day’ reserve funds.” 

The recommended budget recognized new or enhanced areas of growth, including annual commitments of:

Addressing Homelessness - $5.3 million to fund new programs and services addressing homelessness in the County; Road Pavement Rehabilitation Projects – $20 million in one-time Net County Cost transferred from the General Fund to the Roads Fund to fund pavement maintenance and rehabilitation on roads throughout the unincorporated County. Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment - $10 million for the Department of Health Services to procure an additional 156 beds annually for substance use disorder residential treatment; Crisis Stabilization Units - $5 million for the Department of Health Services to establish a pool for behavioral health crisis stabilization units, which is a service the County is required to provide to Medi-Cal beneficiaries; Mental Health Services Act Full Service Partnership - $7.5 million in MHSA and Federal match for the Department of Health Services to procure Full Service Partnership programming as a requirement in fulfilling permanent supportive housing commitments; School-Based Mental Health Program - $4.3 million of Medi-Cal funding for the Department of Health Services to provide increased support to the school-based mental health program, with a planned site expansion to 40 sites; Child, Family and Adult Services - $19.1 million to support Child Family and Adult Services’ programs, including $5.4 million to provide enhanced security services at the Centralized Placement Support Unit; Afghan Refugee Assistance - $3 million in Net County Cost for the Department of Human Assistance to provide services to support new Afghan arrivals in adjusting to their new environment.

During budget deliberations, the Board added additional items totaling $2.6 million in appropriations, which included: $1 million for additional scattered sites to house people experiencing homelessness; $498,072 to provide a fourth staff position in Districts 1,3,4 and 5; $450,000 for improvements at McFarland Ranch, American River Ranch and Dillard Ranch; $167,881 to provide a position supporting homeless issues in District 2; $150,000 to Visit Sacramento for a total annual contribution of $500,000; $106,690 to provide additional staffing for the Clerk of the Board’s Office; $100,000 to the Mack Road Partnership to purchase the South Sacramento Community Center property; $75,000 to Splash for vernal pool education; $25,000 for an additional $5,000 in TOT District Funds for each District

The Board also set aside $5 million to fund the new American River Parkway Homeless Reserve.

“I’m grateful to my colleagues and staff for supporting my proposal to assist the American Parkway Foundation in their well-coordinated efforts to proactively assist those living in the Parkway so we can save the Parkway,” said District One Supervisor Phil Serna.

For details, read the County Executive’s Budget Letter or view the budget documents on the Office of Budget and Debt Management website

The numbers on the Recommended Budget will change between now and September, when the County receives new information, including the impact of the State Budget and updated revenue totals. The Final Budget will come back to the Board of Supervisors in September for review and adoption.

By the Numbers: $7.3 B: Total Budget; $3.5 B: General Fund; $2.8 B: Enterprise and Special Revenue; $1.1 B: Restricted Funds; 13,252 Number of Employees