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A Season for The Books!

Nov 08, 2023 03:54PM ● By Tim Engle

The Rams rode the wave to victory and now, champions of the Golden Empire League, they wait with bated breath for the playoff lineup. The team's hard work and dedication are evident in this snapshot of triumph. Stay tuned as the Rams gear up for their next challenge! Photo by Tim Engle

ORANGEVALE, CA (MPG) - This season, the Casa Roble Rams have truly outdone themselves, leaving an indelible mark on the Golden Empire League. With a resounding 61-22 triumph over Dixon, they didn't just secure the league title; they sent out a powerful message to every team in the league.

The numbers alone speak volumes. Throughout this season, the Rams have accumulated a staggering 424 points, and their defense, equally impressive, has conceded just 103 points.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. During a crucial juncture in the match against Dixon, the rivals came alarmingly close, bringing the score to 22-30. However, in true Rams fashion, the team upped the ante, demonstrating why they're the champions of the Golden Empire League.

Their esteemed Head Coach, Chris Horner, expressed his pride in the team, noting, “Despite facing challenges and some initial setbacks, the boys rallied phenomenally to ensure the victory.”

Coach Horner Rallies the Rams: A Moment of Strategy and Spirit on the Sidelines. Photo by Tim Engle

Having set the bar high during the regular season, the Rams are gearing up for the playoffs. The anticipation among family and fans is great! Stay tuned! Go Rams.

Camden Goings stands tall amidst the chaos, a symbol of Casa’s relentless defense as they secure yet another turnover. Photo by Tim Engle

Unstoppable force: Casa’s #6, Braylen Blevin, exemplifies raw power and agility, shaking off tackles and powering through the field.  Photo by Tim Engle