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Absolute Compassion Hospice, a Commitment to Family and Care

Nov 15, 2023 01:06PM ● By Absolute Compassion Hospice News Release
The team of caring professionals at Absolute Compassion Hospice provides personalized expert care services 24 hours a day. 

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - For ten years and counting, Absolute Compassion Hospice has been serving compassionate hospice care here in the greater Sacramento area. Absolute Compassion Hospice is a family owned and operated Hospice Provider, serving the communities of Sacramento, Yolo & San Joaquin counties.

Absolute Compassion is not only the name of the company, but it is their mission as well: “We recognize the value of every individual, guided by our commitment to excellence in service. We are competent, caring people offering extraordinary community hospice care. There is nothing more rewarding and gratifying than knowing you’ve touched lives. We touch lives, we make a difference and we do it through Absolute Compassion.”

absolute compassion hospice Sacramento Yolo San Joaquin

Absolute Compassion Hospice is a family owned and operated Hospice Provider, serving the communities of Sacramento, Yolo & San Joaquin counties. 

A bit more than ten years ago, founders John Cimino and Rangi Giner discussed the idea of starting a hospice care agency. They perceived a need for a more friendly, family-oriented hospice. They each had plenty of experience owning and operating assisted living facilities, where they had experienced frustration addressing the challenges encountered regarding residents who qualified and would benefit from hospice care.

The first resident at their new jointly owned facility, The Meadows at Country Place, had no children or other close family to help with the ups and downs of dealing with his chronic and incurable terminal illness. As an assisted living (non-medical) facility, they naturally had no way of making medical decisions or providing medical comfort care, so every time the resident had extreme pain or other symptoms requiring medical care, they would have to send him back to the hospital.

Once symptoms were alleviated, and medical help was no longer needed, the resident would be returned to assisted living. The stress and the resultant tiredness was very troublesome and wearing on the resident, at a time when the most important thing should have been maintaining a comfortable quality of life. John and Rangi wanted to be able to get this (and every other terminal) resident access to the quality hospice care he deserved, but engaging any available hospice company, in a timely fashion, proved to be extremely problematic.

From their family-centered, compassionate point of view, they started visualizing something better. They wished to keep their hospice small so that they could provide a more personal experience. They knew that as owners, they would take a hands-on approach, maintaining attention to detail for each unique individual they served. They would be able to provide services in a more timely manner to the local community of “little guys” that would typically fall through the cracks in the large corporate approach. They would have dedicated doctors on staff to qualify patients as well as prescribe necessary medical interventions for treatment of discomfort and pain.

It seemed meant to be. Under the scrupulous management of Kenneth Mendoza, Absolute Compassion has flourished. The team of caring professionals provide personalized expert care services 24 hours a day. Many hospice providers provide care, but Absolute Compassion also provides caring. It’s their passion for compassion that sets them apart. Their patients and families are assured the peace of mind in knowing that they will be treated with dignity, respect and quality care 24 hours a day.

Every moment in life is meant to be cherished…especially when you know the end could be near. Absolute Compassion Hospice Care allows patients and families to spend their final time together in comfort and dignity while receiving services focused on sustaining quality of life. Their goal is to eliminate pain and manage all of the other troubling symptoms of advanced, life-threatening illness.

John Cimino Rangi hospice

Absolute Compassion Hospice founders John Cimino and Rangi perceived a need for a friendly, family-oriented hospice in the area.


Absolute Compassion Hospice is located at 6355 Riverside Blvd suite T, Sacramento, CA 95831. For more information you can call (916) 399-5922 or visit